Pesto and Goats cheese stuffed Aubergines

I'm always looking for any excuse to eat this delicious pesto. This is such a simple recipe to make too and something you could probably whip up for friends easily. They will love you for it! Even better you will be filling them with parsley which contains myristicin which studies have shown to inhibit tumour formation.

  • Roast thin slices of aubergine for about 15mins or until soft
  • Spread the pesto along the aubergine slices
  • Sprinkle on the cheese and roll, stick together with cocktail stick


    • Large handful of flat parsley leaves, i’d say easily 100/150 grams
    • 100/150g of hard cheese ( i used a mature hard goats cheese )
    • 150/200ml of olive oil (or you can use half olive half/ hemp oil) Adjust to how oily you want it by adding it slowly til you get your desired consistency 
    • 1 crushed clove of garlic
    • handful of sunflower seeds or pine nuts. 
    • salt and pepper to season