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Michelle Henning has published articles on food, nutrition, and health in major magazines and consulted for companies and private clients. In her other career as a singer/songwriter, she appeared on national TV and radio, gave talks at music conferences, and was a video reporter for MIDEM. 

March/April 2013 - Michelle's article "How to eat yourself smarter" has been published in the print and online edition of WIRED Magazine UK.  

Can you munch your way to a higher IQ? Modern intelligence tests measure fluid intelligence and reasoning, memory function, visual and auditory processing ability, and cognitive processing speed. But you can improve your results in all these areas. Nutritional coach Michelle Phelan tells you which foods to eat to help bump up your test scores. (...)

July 2014 - Michelle's birth story of singing through the pain of her contractions was featured on the Spanish edition of BabyCenter.

I began begging my husband to bring me to the hospital. (..) Knowing that, in my heart this was not what I really wanted and my dream was to have my daughter at home, my husband and my doula hatched a plan to get me through. My doula started to sing a beautiful song about birth and within moments I started to sing along and from that moment something changed. I got into the pool and continued to sing. 

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